Product Licensing Process

For each product classified as an NHP (Natural Health Product), MVP Laboratories is obliged to develop a methodology to meet the standards for safety, quality and efficiency as defined by NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate).

The NHPD delivers NPNs (Natural Product Number) only once MVP Laboratories’ production procedures meet the required specifications.

More Information Concerning NPN

Due to the new Canadian Regulations concerning Natural Health Products, effective as of January 2004, MVP Laboratories has adopted a strict protocol concerning its products, namely:

  1. Identify how many products at MVP Laboratories are concerned with the Regulatory Framework for NHP.
  2. Develop the methodology and priorities necessary to comply with the new Regulations.
  3. Undertake the required additional scientific review and comprehensive submission in the case of Natural Health Products for which there is little or no prior knowledge or experience, or for products with identified safety, quality or efficiency concerns.
  4. Propose labeling requirements for Natural Health Products with the goal of providing consumers with the necessary information to make informed choices.


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