Health Canada's Solution to How to Protect Yourself

Health Canada imposed a new set of rules, known as the NHP (Natural Health Product) regulations, effective January 2004.

As of January 2006, this set of standards has been strictly enforced to protect the public from fraudulent or deceptive manufacturing and reselling practices undertaken by any party connected with the supplement industry.

1. Apply for a manufacturing site license

To obtain a manufacturing site license, it is necessary to build a quality assurance system that complies with Health Canada's GMP standards.

In strict accordance with this philosophy, MVP Laboratories has created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), developed by the company’s QA (Quality Assurance) specialist. This QA specialist’s qualifications have been officially recognized by the NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate), who deem the specialist as possessing the required academic training and experience to carry out this role.

2. Apply for product NPN (Natural Product Number)

To obtain Natural Product Numbers, every product sold by MVP Laboratories must receive a license. Each license corresponds to a unique Natural Product Number (NPN) issued by the NHPD.
Mandatory guidelines in order to obtain NPNs
(Natural Product Numbers)
a) Safety report: a document which must be produced by MVP Laboratories to prove that its products are completely safe for human consumption. It will include the necessary cautions and warnings if applicable.
b) Evidence report: the recommended use and purpose of the products produced by MVP Laboratories.

As such, it is MVP Laboratorie's mandate to remain in compliance with Health Canada regulations.


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