We have created an effective procedure consisting of required specifications, appropriate full weight as well as packaging options.

Raw Materials
Our raw materials are purchased world wide with the assurance that they meet all required specifications.

Manufacturing, Packaging Powders, Capsules, Tablets
We adapt the best process for each step of manufacturing and packaging on the basis of the Product Development Project. .  Blending and granulating are equally efficient whether dealing with large or small volumes.

A high speed packaging line assures filling, capping with an induction sealer, labeling, shrink wrapping, and boxing into cartons. 

A separate powder filling line is used to fill a wide range of bottle sizes to accommodate our client’s requirements.  

We also configure and design our pallets to meet our client’s specifications.

Delivering the Finished Product
All of our products are supported by QA and QC compulsory testing prior to their release.  An organized warehouse guarantees efficient storage.

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